Monday, January 13, 2014

Ubuntu beats Windows, Mac, and Android in security report

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS out performed Windows and Mac operating systems according to a UK security agency.

GCHQ, the UK government branch has a security group called CESG. They reviewed eleven OSes against a 12-point list of security criteria.

Among the OS's in the test were Android, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and RT.

Among all the OS'es tested, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS was the most secure option.

Makes a Ubuntu/Linux geek proud.

Here's a pdf of the pertinent information:

And here is the official release thanks to

I also want to thank OMGUbuntu for keeping us informed on news like this. It's nice to have one more bragging point for the operating system I have grown to love.

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