Sunday, September 5, 2010


As I mentioned earlier, I was looking for an os that not only was as compact as possible (like Damn Small Linux) but also capable of being a full featured os if need be.

Well I found it in Slitaz.

The Slitaz people have done what I thought was impossible... a fully functional os in a 30 mg iso!

I installed Slitaz natively to see if it could live up to my hopes and dreams.

In about 20 minutes I was running firefox with java support, flashplayer support, full graphics driver support, and ready to rock!

Then I installed virtualbox and ran windows xp from a vbox hd file i had created earlier...

I am totally impressed with Slitaz,

It's my newest weapon in my arsenal of computer repair as well.

With very quick boot times and the ability to read and write to ntfs, I use it to fix Windows PC's.

I give Slitaz 10 out of 10 stars!

You can download it here:

Slitaz at Softpedia