Friday, January 24, 2014

Nemo file manager, power and speed in one app

While reading the Ubuntu board on Reddit, I found a rather lively discussion on what file manager was the best.

For some time Nautilus had been toppled from that list. For some reason the Nautilus team had been reducing the features of Nautilus.

"Nautilus on Ubuntu seems to be some type of hack-fork. I've seen this package regress in features since I started using Ubuntu in April of 2007." -lonniebiz

I personally use Thunar. Thunar is quite powerful, and rather fast, which is the combination I am looking for.

After reading this discussion, I think Nemo is the contender to beat though, having power, speed and beauty to boot.

Let me introduce you to Nemo.

First off, the name, as my header image implies, refers to the famous captain.

"Gwendal Le Bihan named the project “nemo” after Jules Verne’s most famous character, who also happens to be the captain of the “Nautilus”. Who else than Nemo could take the Nautilus and veer towards a different direction?" -


*  All the features Nautilus 3.4 had and which are missing in Nautilus 3.6 (all desktop icons, compact view, etc..)

*  Open in terminal (this is part of Nemo itself)

*  Open as root (this is also part of Nemo)

*  File operations progress information (when you copy/move files you can see the percentage and info about the operation on the window title and so also in your window list)

* Proper GTK bookmarks management

*  Full navigation options (back, forward, up, refresh)

*  Ability to toggle between the path entry and the path breadcrumb widgets

*  A lot more configuration options (This list thanks to Wikipedia)

If you are interested in Nemo you can install it in Ubuntu by typing these three commands seperately in your terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nemo nemo-fileroller

Here is my screenshot of Nemo:

If you are "in the market" for a different file manager, give Nemo a try.

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