Friday, January 17, 2014

Entire Italian province drops Microsoft Office for LibreOffice

Not too long ago I wrote about the entire city of Munich switching from Microsoft Windows to Linux.

Now the Italian province of Umbria is switching from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice.

This kind of thing is happening all over the world. Microsoft will have to lower their prices and offer better, cheaper customer service in order to continue to survive. Time is on the side of the open source community, not Microsoft in my opinion.

"According to, the authorities from the province of Umbria have started a project called LibreUmbria, which aims to transition the entire regional governmental apparatus from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice." -Softpedia

“We found out that most of our users exploit just 15 percent of their productivity suite, but you are paying for the other 85 percent as well. It's just like if you owned a Ferrari and only used it to drive at 30km per hour through the middle of town,” -Alfiero Ortali, head of IT in the province of Perugia.

“Right now, along with Munich, I'd call LibreUmbria the most advanced experience of migration in the world.” -Italo Vignoli, a member of Assoli, an Italian association of Free Software advocates and member on the Board of Directors of The Document Foundation, the nonprofit organization that makes the LibreOffice Suite

For more information about LibreOffice, or to download a copy for free, go here:

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