Saturday, March 11, 2017

Watchtower Library 2016 in Ubuntu 16.04

After talking with a brother about difficulties with this version of Watchtower Library, I was able to get the library to work.

I again used playonlinux, simply because playonlinux makes sure you have the proper libraries and other tools to run the version of wine needed.

For 2016, we need Wine 2.3.

First I had to have playonlinux install wine 2.3, because non of my apps have used it before.

To do that, in playonlinux I had to go to tools and then "manage wine versions"

Then I chose wine 2.3. (my cursor on the image below is showing me selecting the staging version, but that's only because I already installed wine 2.3.

playonlinux will need to download and install a new gecko and a few other things for 2.3.

Now we need to install watchtower library as a "non listed" program. this option is at the bottom left of playonlinux. Here's a screenshot of the option we need:

We need to choose a different version of wine during the install process

Make sure you choose 2.3

And the 32 bit option here is the least buggy

After it goes through the installs, we get this:

As you can see, it works.

I did notice whenever I close the library, wine does complain about a crash. But the library works fine so far for me.

If you have any other issues or comments, by all means either comment on the disqus section velow or email me at