Friday, January 10, 2014

Chromium to loose flash support as of April

Flash content will stop working in Chromium on Linux in April.

But before you panic, there will be options. First of all, Chrome will still work with Flash, just not Chromium.

There will also be the other options, like Firefox.

The reason for the loss of Flash support for Chromium is the "Netscape Plugin API" or  NPAPI for short is used by Adobe's Flash for Linux based browsers.

NPAPI will no longer be supported thanks to a decision by Google.

Google touted security flaws among other reasons for ditching NPAPI.

Chrome doesn't use NPAPI, but instead uses "Pepper Plugin API", or  PPAPI, which will allow Chrome for Linux to continue function where Chromium will fail.

So to recap, as long as you use Chrome or Firefox after April, you will still have Flash support.

For more detailed information on all of this, check out

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