Monday, January 6, 2014

Belkin's Linux powered smart crock pot

"We live in an age where more and more devices are being run by operating systems, and are being connected to the internet that can seemingly be found all around us. The latest of such is a Belkin Smart Slow Cooker. As you might have guessed, the Slow Cooker is powered by WeMo, which is based on Linux and powers a multitude of other home based devices. This crock-pot is able to be controlled remotely via the WeMo app for Android or iOS and will be sure to have an edge on other slow cooking challengers. Mums no longer need to stay at home and wait for the cooking to be done. This functionality is huge and will surely make huge strides in 2014." -Muktware

I have been touting the Linux banner for years. When people tell me that they "don't use Linux", I tell them that if they own a car, a watch, a microwave oven or other kitchen appliance, that they do indeed use Linux.

This is just another example of what I am talking about.

Belkin is releasing this at CES 2014 this year:

As you read above, it's got some great features built in thanks to Linux.

That's right, it's a Linux operated crock pot.

So the next time a friend or relative says "Never heard of it" or "never use it", clue them in.

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