Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sony's $1,100 dollar Digital Paper

Sony has now set the release date of their new EInk product for May. This technology is amazing.. and costly.

At around $1,100 dollars, it's not something everyone is going to be picking up at your local electronics store.

However, while the price is not impressive, the product is. These things are amazing. 

They are nearly as light as paper, are nearly as flexible as paper, and have a crazy long 3 week battery life.

Sony got away from using glass because of the rigidity and weight that comes with using glass.

They come with 4gb of storage space, which isn't really all that much, however, they also come with a sd card slot for expansion.

You won't see any colors on this display, but that's intentional. The idea is for this to be easy to read and crisp looking. And it is.

I am also a fan of the size being legal paper size. That means that documents will load with no scroll bars, because they will be at normal size.

Some quick facts:

The screen is 13.3-inches

It handles PDFs and accepts handwriting input

It only weighs 12.6 oz

It has a high resolution 1200 x 1600, 16-level gray scale display

The screen has touch controls and stylus input. but no back light.

For more information, Sony has created a nice little graphical presentation at:

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