Saturday, April 5, 2014

Beware of Fake Flash Drives

What exactly are "fake flash drives"?

"Fake flash" refers to low capacity flash drives and memory cards that have been modified so that they appear to have more capacity than the drive really has.

They report more capacity to Windows, Macs, Linux and Android OS's than they have. Usually a lot more.

Besides being ripped off financially, your data is at danger because once the drive is at it's true maximum, any data put on afterwards gets damaged because the computer just writes over the data already on the flash drive.

To insure that the next drive you buy is legit, keep the price in mind. Check other stores/websites, and see if the price is close. Any more than 30% off, and it's time to reconsider.

If you think you have already purchased a "fake flash" drive, a great tool for testing your flash drive is h2testw.

You can get h2testw here:

You can also get a Linux alternative to h2testw, called F3, here:

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