Friday, September 6, 2013

The 2 x 2 inch $45 Android/Linux computer

This is the CuBox-I mini computer from SolidRun.

"It fits all of its hardware, including an HDMI port, IR receiver, and USB ports, into a 2-inch square black box. It runs Android and Linux. It's like a pet rock that's actually useful." -CNet/Amanda Kooser

As super small computers go, what's most impressive about this one is the price. At $45 starting, it's about as cheap as you are going to get.

This machine is best used for streaming media, hence the built in HDMI port and infra-red system being standard while a wifi option is just that, optional.

The comparison table on the models available is here:

I am impressed that for $45 dollars you get a decent graphics system and processor speed, for the purpose this is intended.

As a matter of fact, it sickens me that in 2002 I bought a system that was only marginally better than this one, and it cost me nearly 700 dollars.

This little 2 inch box comes with a single-core GC880 GPU and 512MB of memory.

SolidRun's last CuBox mini pc started at $120, just to give you some perspective.

The entire CuBox-i mini-computer line is currently available to preorder. They are all small enough and cheap enough to keep tinkerers, Android fans, and cheap-PC-seekers plenty well entertained.
(Via Linux Gizmos)

This system also promises to be easier to use, for those of us who don't want to program the bios to like you sometimes have to do with the Pi. (This information is not officially from SolidRun).

Remember Dick Tracy's watch? The way things are going, in 20 years he could have had a super computer on his wrist instead of just a communications device.


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