Monday, September 23, 2013

Rock solid Fedora hits a mile stone

"Dear Fedora fans, it's time to celebrate 10 years of Fedora Linux, as ten years ago, on September 23, 2003, Michael K. Johnson announced the birth of the Fedora Project, which produces the Fedora Linux operating system." -Softpedia Linux News

For any Linux distribution to reach 10 years is an excellent show of stamina.

Sure, you have your "bigger". or more widely used distro's such as Fedora, Ubuntu, and OpenSuse to name a few.

But they all had that struggle at the beginning, and their have been so many Linux distro's that have not seen their 3rd anniversary either because of lack of interest, or because the project and the name have changed wildly from what they originally intended.

It's a testament to the Fedora team that not only have they made a Linux distro survive for 10 years, but they have also made a rock solid, reliable, beautiful operating system that does so much for their users and also for the Linux community as a whole.

While I am still a Ubuntu based user, many a times I have been tempted to switch to Fedora because of their mindset.

Fedora's focus us on being free, open to the community, sharing and having the best tech.

In the Linux community I am but one tiny voice, but still let me say congratulations to Fedora!

You hard working men and women of Fedora deserve the accolades you get.


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