Monday, April 23, 2012

CB.VU For fun, for you!

While mucking about the internet, i stumbled upon this website:

It's a virtual Unix console, and it works pretty well.

I could only find one thing that didn't work for me, the weather app.

If your new to the "nix" console then this is the place to get yourself acquainted. You can't mess this up, which is perfect for beginners afraid of irrevocably damaging their machines or operating systems.

Here is what the creator of has to say about his creation:

"Have a lot of fun... Oh and this site is bug free (of course :o)), still tell me if you crash it. 

If you are bored, try the commands clock or matrix or weather or reboot. Or even   
better: snake! Try to do better than the autopilot. If your are desperate, try   
snake -f3 -a -r and take some bets on the score... 
There are some functionalities which are not totally fake, like the commands ping,   
whereami, weather, fortune. Besides those, there is no communication whatsoever  
between the browser and the server. Everything is happening within your    
navigator, I am sorry to frustrate your hacking instincts... You can however  
create files on the web root directory and even view them with the browser by    
entering the file name in the address bar. Use vi or try:  
echo "Hello there, my name is Colin." > hello.txt  
You can now view the file with cat hello.txt and check its existence with ls -l.  
Also view it on the browser with pr hello.txt or enter the URL:  
Then delete the file with rm hello.txt.                                                                                      
If you are a Unix/Linux/BSD user, you might be interested in the Unix Toolbox:                                                                                                                                    
I hope it was fun and drop me an email ( if you liked it or have some                                                
sincerely yours,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

My hat is off to you Colin, excellent work!

Go to and check it out, I think  you will be pleasantly surprised!

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