Sunday, April 8, 2012 to the rescue!

Very few of us have a reason to use DOS nowadays. (Disk Operating System)

But every once in a while, we are forced to use it for things like bios updates and other unique situations.

" is your number one FREE resource for all Microsoft boot disks.

We offer a boot disk for everything from MS-DOS 3.3 to Windows XP Professional. These disks can be used to setup a new hard drive, scan an existing hard drive for errors, install or re-install Windows, upgrade your PC's BIOS, run DOS utilities and much more." - website has boot iso images you can then burn to cd.

They have a very useful selection.

To look them over, go to

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  1. As much as I like the website, I have found it much easier to use freedos via unetbootin. It's really easy then to boot to the usb key and run your dos based bios update.