Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shutter, Take screen shots in style!

I found Shutter while messing with very simple window managers for Ubuntu. These window managers, unlike desktop environments such as unity or gnome, do not come with a screenshot utility already implemented.

So after a little search on Synaptic, I found Shutter.

While I usually look for the simplest software I can get to do any one task, I have to admit the Shutter program has a lot of useful features.

Here is a quote from an article about it's features:

"You can take screenshots of a specific area, a window, or your whole screen. With an addition to that you can apply different effects to it, draw on it to highlight points, and then use it as per your need. Shutter is free, open-source, and licensed under GPL v3. I am sure you will find this simple program interesting and helpful.

Shutter features in detail:

· Capture a specific area: you can choose any arbitrary region of your screen and take screen shot this help you to capture only those parts you really need. Shutter offers two different tools to do so in order to meet any user’s taste.

· Capture a window: You can choose the window you want to take screen shot of and Shutter will highlight the currently select window in an attractive and useful way. It is even possible to simple select a window from a list and capture it right away.

· Capture a menu or tool tip: Capturing menus or tool tips is very easy with Shutter. You select one of the options and a (user-defined) countdown starts. During this time you can open the desired menu or let a specific tool tip come up. Shutter will recognize and capture it. This is a real advanced feature.

· Capture a website: Choose the website opened in the browser and it can take the screen shot of the website."

-Tech Stroke Shutter Article

As of my writing this article, the official website for Shutter, was unreachable due to technical issues.

Here's a screenshot of Shutter in action:

If you are the one with blender and gimp installed on you version of Ubuntu Studio, then this is definitely for you.

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