Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Opera, an excellent web browser

Years ago I was looking for the next best thing in browsers.

Internet Explorer sucked in my opinion, in many ways it still lives up to that classification.

Netscape was on it's way out...

So I installed several browsers at the time.

Opera, Firefox, and Kameleon.

I liked Opera back then, but it was buggy, and at the time, nothing held a candle to Firefox.

Well that was some time ago. No one ever even hears of Netscape as a browser choice anymore.

I don't like Firefox anymore. I think Firefox is getting too bloated and huge.

I miss the simplicity of old Firefox.

After installing CrunchBang, I noticed one of the options was Opera.

I had been using Google Chrome, which is better in my opinion than Firefox.

After installing Opera 11.62 for Linux, my favorite browser quickly changed.

Opera is nothing at all like old Opera, but in the best of ways.

Here is a screenshot of the new Opera:

Rock solid performance, speed, and a sleek design that offers a plethora of tools at your disposal without cluttering up the user interface, this is what I have wanted in a browser for a long time.

I also found the email client to be smooth as silk, which is amazing since it's a built in browser email client, and those have been iffy at best.

The only thing I tweaked was setting the junk mail so it wouldn't show up in the unread mail list, which was pretty effortless.

Here is what the Opera team has to say about their excellent product:

"Lightning fast

Make your web browsing faster. Loading pages and running web applications is really snappy. You can even speed up browsing on slow connections, with Opera Turbo.

Safe and secure

Reduce your exposure to threats. Your safety is ensured by industry leading security, Fraud and Malware Protection and a clear display of your security level.

Smart features

Use great features that make browsing faster and easier. Opera has more features built in than other browsers. You can also add even more with extensions."

(This quoted material is from the webpage http://www.opera.com/browser/)

If your interested in downloading Opera for yourself, you can get it here:

P.S. Several weeks after running Opera, and loving it, I did find a flaw.

Opera refuses to let me post and image to Blogger.

Blogger is very trustworthy, and it should be my decision as to whether I can post there or not.

This is proper etiquette in the software world, the user should always have the last say in something like this.

This is a problem for me, and may mean my no longer using Opera.

Here is the error I recieve:
"Information from this secure page will be submitted to a page that is not secure on www.blogger.com.

Submitting sensitive information is strongly discouraged."


  1. For mobile I think Opera mini is the best, but for PC I think Google Chrome is!

    1. But whatever, I think Opera on Pc is most beautiful and look like it's build for Home Media Web browser!