Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ubuntu Touch phones soon a reality

Great news comes down the pike from Canonical.

Ubuntu Touch will now be available on phones very soon.

Instead of buying a Nexus and then installing Ubuntu Touch yourself,
you will see phones on store shelves pre-installed with Ubuntu Touch this December.

Linux already has the lion's share of every market but home PC, and Linux already has that share in phone markets too...

 But I am personally happy to see Canonical's product Ubuntu (of which I use exclusively) come to the phone market this way.

The first phone available will be the Meizu MX4. Then BQ's Aquaris is most likely to be the second.

While I have never owned a Meizu product, I can speak for BQ. I have had very good experiences with their equipment.

Here's a pic of the phones that will have native Ubuntu Touch installations: (Thanks to PCWorld):

I personally will love to see these teaching a whole new generation about the virtues of Linux.

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