Thursday, September 11, 2014

Leikr Linux Watch: "Less Watch, More Data"

With big PC companies like Apple getting into the digital computer watch business, watches are going to get more and more interesting.

Thing is though, they are far behind in that game.

Leikr has been around for a while, and their Linux based watch is a thing of beauty.

Here's a quick run down on the main features thanks to

Frequent software updates

2″ color

LCD display

ARM 300MHz processor


Integrated GPS receiver

Linux OS

Wireless connectivity


75 grams
including strap


While I am into fitness (you would never know it by looking at me), I love some of the other options on this watch more.

Accurate time and date are a must for any watch. But a gps with me wherever I go that could get me un-lost is spectacular.

And the life of that gps is also spectacular. It would do nobody any good to have 5 minutes of gps time, but the gps can run for 5 hours on a full charge,

Being a fan of Linux and everything Open Source, I love that I can point to yet another of the millions of applications on the world's best operating system.

I love the wifi apsect, being able to upgrade the watch's operating system, put my updated info on a social media site to get encouragement or feedback, all very cool features.

I love that it is not "a honking giant monstrosity". If you remember the first computing watches they where bulky, gigantic and didn't do much for all of that weight expense.

This watch is lightweight (75 grams) and has a nice display, but still fits on your wrist. (Not a big screen tv with a strap).

Here are some screen shots depicting the features of the watch thanks again to

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