Monday, August 12, 2013

Bodhi Linux, Highly Enlightened

I am always in search of a light footprint version of Linux, because I fix up older machines for use by those with little or no means.

Bodhi caught my eye for two reasons.

One being that it can run with very minimal resources.  The minimum requirements to run Bodhi Linux are only: 300+MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, and 2.5GB hard drive space. (From

The other reason is that Bodhi is based off of Ubuntu, and uses Ubuntu packages. This means there was no learning curve for me, and it also means Bodhi benefits from all that Ubuntu offers.

This is a big deal to me, since I have seen so many distro's that refuse outside sources and re-invent the wheel again and again and again.

Besides the light footprint and solid base thanks to Ubuntu, the distro is actually quite "pretty", for those of you who like a sharp looking desktop.

The fact that Bodhi can do all of this while still maintaining a very stable E17 Enlightenment desktop which functions exceptionally well and makes for doing tasks quickly and easily makes Bodhi a winner in my opinion.

Here's a look at some of the desktop configurations available:

After running Bodhi for an hour or so, I was very tempted to make Bodhi my native OS.

I still am contemplating switching over from Xubuntu.

I never thought I would find a distro I liked as much as Xubuntu.. it's tempting.

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