Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tiny Upload, a great help for sharing files

I stumbled upon this wonderful service some time ago, downloading a file I needed for a project I was working on.

I have used it several times myself, and since it's so easy to use, I will be using it in the future.

There are no download or upload limits, you can save a file up to 50 megabytes, downloaded files are hosted forever, and it's 100% free to use.

It's very easy to use the website, just choose a file from your computer, and then click the upload button.

After hitting the upload button, you will see a progress bar and then be given a URL, like this one for instance:


After you get your TinyUpload URL,  give it to your Facebook friends, forum, through email, etc.

They can easily put it in their browser and download your file.

When your friends do go to the link you provided, this is what they will see:

To download the link, you click on the yellow file name, pointed out here by my rather crude looking arrow.

In this case, the thing you click on is the yellow "1.sav" file name.

Now you might be asking yourself, "What use would I have for this service? The file limit is small".

It's amazing how many traded files are only 50 meg or less.

office documents
video game saves
and on and on...

I use this service 4 or 5 times a year, it's very very handy.

Check it out: TinyUpload.com

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