Saturday, July 13, 2013

Verizon shows support for Ubuntu Touch

Updated July 16th, 2013, notes below
Verizon showed interest in Ubuntu Touch this week by joining the CAG, or Carrier Advisory Group run by Canonical.

Before Verizon there where no U.S. carriers in the CAG.

While this does not mean that Verizon will create a Ubuntu Touch device, it does give us hope that there will be one here in the continental United States.

As I posted here, Ubuntu Touch now runs natively on Android devices. What this means is that most current Android based phones could be given a native Ubuntu Touch install, and then sold via Verizon.

As an Ubuntu fan boy, I would love to have a Ubuntu Touch phone, but the reason non Linux lovers would want this phone is the way Ubuntu is thinking. This operating system will be very similar to the desktop/laptop version.

Most of the enhancements and applications available pc side will transfer to the phone and vice versa.

July 16th Update: MTN has also joined the CAG this week. To better illustrate the members of CAG, here is a little image for you:
This shows all of the members as of July.

MTN is based out of south Africa.

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