Monday, July 2, 2012

Microsoft never learns...

It seems this was done before.

Microsoft was trying to monopolize their operating system, and their web browser.

They where forced not too. They where told never to do it again.

But like a child with the attention span of a 2 year old, and needing a good spanking, Microsoft is trying to monopolize their operating system again.

They are trying to force people to use their already disliked OS, Windows 8.

They are demanding, like a 2 year old having a tantrum, to have their way.

They are demanding that an option in the UEFI (like your bios, but newer) have an option enabled called Safe Boot, with Microsoft's keys being the only ones that will work.

They also demand that we, the users of the computer, have no option to turn Safe Boot off.

Safe Boot has a positive side. It would make the computer marginally safer.

But Microsoft's intentions are to lock out every other operating system except Microsoft's own "Windows".

This is not only immoral, but very illegal.

It is my hope that the Department of Justice slaps Microsoft on the hand, and stops them from doing something bad again.

Imagine buying a house, but not being allowed to decorate it how you see fit, or to add on that second floor, or entertainment den, because the home builder wants you to keep things the way they intended.

This is what Microsoft is trying to do to millions upon millions of people that use Linux, Unix, or Mac OS.

Big business uses Linux almost exclusively for their servers, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and on and on all use Linux or Unix. 95% of big business, in fact, uses Linux/Unix.

Microsoft Windows is only used by home users and video game enthusiasts. And that's fine.

But let us who want a decent operating system without a huge price tag or viruses do what we want.

Microsoft, it's time to learn from your past mistakes.
-Dennis Andrew Gutowski Jr.

P.S., Ubuntu, which is just one of the versions of Linux available, has over 20 million users. This is not a small group of complainers. It truly is millions upon millions of people Microsoft is trying to control.

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