Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guake, a fast easy access terminal emulator

Earlier I talked about my favorite terminal emulator, Terminator.

I still think Terminator is the best terminal emulator you can get for Linux, as well as many other OS's.

However Guake terminal is useful for totally other reasons, or maybe I should say, one reason.

While Terminator has all the bells and whistles I have ever wanted or needed, and more... Guake has speed.

If you set up Guake to start at boot, then you will have constantly at your fingertips a terminal emulator for quick commands.

F12 makes Guake show itself, in normal form it takes up only a portion of the screen. F11 can make it full screen if you want.

I now can hit F12, type my quick command, and then hit F12 again to hide it in case my request is going to take a while.

I especially find it useful for apt-get updates and upgrades.

Here are some screen shots for you. I personally turn off the pretty background option, I like my terminals black, but it's up to you.

These screen shots are from the http://guake.org/screenshots website. These are just the thumbnails, the full sized ones are at the link mentioned.

I use Terminator for the heavier stuff, and Guake for the quick little stuff, it is a great setup for a busy tech head like me.

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  1. I love Guake, as swell as other incarnations of it. I actually thought it up before I knew it existed, and when I checked lo and behold, somebody else had dreamed it up and made it reality!

    However, I have had issues where it doesn't respond to the keyboard shortcut. My original intention was to run my desktop without launchers or menus, instead relying on Guake, but I found that impractical given that it intermittently failed to respond to its keyboard shortcut.