Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ubuntu help, in live chat form!

One of the nicest things i like about Ubuntu, is the dedicated people surrounding it.

For some of you, that might mean the hard working people at Canonical, or the people working on projects or software.

All these people do help a lot, and i am personally very greatful for their work.

Who i am referring to though are the people who help others out with technical issues on the Ubuntu irc chat channel.

If you know about IRC, you probably have already been there, but in case you havent, it's at, and the channel is #ubuntu.

If you are not familiar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat), then to get assistance, you can go here:

Once you are there, type in a nickname, and where it says channel, type #ubuntu (you do need the pound sign... #)

Then just type in the "reCaptcha" code, if you can't see what it says, you can hear an audio word by clicking the audio captcha box, or you can click the reload button for a different word.

Then click on the connect button, and ask your question once you are connected.

If this all seems a bit too technical, i have a link that will give you a nickname and automatically connect you to the ubuntu channel, it is here:

*Please don't ask to ask a question, just ask your question.


  1. when i install ubuntu it displays Grub rescue> and the end.

    I am get tired please help..

  2. There are so many possibilities that creates this error.

    As this article suggests, i would either use irssi or xchat to talk to the helpful people at, #ubuntu, or you can use the link here at Denny's Home World, on the top right side, marked "Ubuntu Help Chat".

    If you where not anonymous, I could try and help you, but you left no way of contacting you.