Wednesday, February 3, 2016

GoBang Linux: Fast, Nimble, Simple

While looking through unique Ubuntu based distro's, I came upon GoBang, and I have to admit, I love it.

This is the simplest version of Ubuntu I have ever seen implemented that still has a desktop environment.

Every app is either a command line app or is a very light on resources type app.

The browser is Links2, the music player is MusicOnConsole player, just to give you a feel of how light GBL is.

As puts it,

"Gobang is a light and fast operating system based on Ubuntu repositories. The default environment is built on the Openbox window manager. G.B.L allows you to easily and quickly customize your system to suit your needs. ISO images are not issued regularly and contain alternate installation CDs. The idea to create GoBang OS was born out of the need for rapid, lightweight operating system that aims to provide an alternative look at the OS.The system allows a large amount of software installations, and complete control over the appearance. The GoBang Project aims nature of information and education."

Here is my screenshot of GoBang 2.04.2:

(Click to enlarge.)

Here is a nice blurb from on the history of GoBang Linux:

"The idea for GoBang came about in November 2012. At the beginning system ISO was published only in one language (Polish) and pointing to a small group of students, studying at the “Administration of the Operating Systems “.As the education program do not provide deeper discussions about the alternative system solutions from the family of operating systems Linux and Unix and most of the issues are based on the Microsoft products, I decided to take care of this problem and start promoting solutions based on codes such as open end free source. The idea is to present a different point of view on the operating systems subject."

Here is the official website:

And here is the sourceforge page:

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