Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kenguru - Simple, easy, inexpensive to use vehicle for the wheelchair bound community

"The KENGURU® gives you the independence you have been looking for! Whether it is commuting to and from work, visiting family and relatives or just meeting up with some friends to have fun, the KENGURU® will help you to do it on your own." -

The Kenguru is a great idea when it comes to transportation for those who are wheel chair bound.

While you will not win any land speed records with it (25 mph is said to be close to it's top speed), it can get you from point a to point b within 50 miles on one charge.

In order to be easy to use, and minimal in size, it is an electrical vehicle. While this does give some limitations to the Kenguru (as noted above), it makes it short enough to the road for easy access, and yet large enough on the inside to make for an excellent vehicle for this purpose. (In my opinion).

If you like what you see (Images and video below) then you can reserve a Kenguru today.

The link for reservations is here:

Here is a video on Youtube by the Kenguru group:

And here are some pics of the car, including interior thanks to Kenguru's Gallery page:

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