Thursday, December 18, 2014

Denny's Home World turns 100,000!

A while back I wrote about the strange history of Denny's Home World.

That article can be seen here:

But just as a recap, I started writing DHW out of boredom.

For the longest time DHW had absolutely no direction.

In 2009 it received a real direction, my passion for Linux, Open Source, and just technology in general.

Well, I had to toot my own horn here, because a milestone has been reached, and one I never thought would happen.

Denny's Home World has now had 100,000 page views.

Here's the proof:

The funny thing about this strange phenomenon is that I am not linked to a Youtube channel, I am not much of a advertiser, and I don't advertise (any more, i did try it for a short while as a test program) here on DHW either, meaning bots are less attracted to DHW (or so I've heard).

I just post what peaks my interest.

So thank you for your patronage.

In honor of this event, the website got a complete makeover, which you see now.

Thanks again,

P.S. Please don't post about how awful that opening header image is, it's the original from the old DHW from the mid 90's.

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