Sunday, October 26, 2014

Scale of the Universe, version 2

In checking out the oddities of the internet I managed to come across "The Scale of the Universe, version 2".

It's an interactive scale of the universe that goes in both directions. You can get into the sub atomic structures, and then out to the largest structures in the known universe (including the known universe itself).

If you want to show the difference between a bacteria and the Apollo lander, central park, or gliese 229b (a star), you can.

The range is amazing. This should be used in the classroom, it really wakes you to the amazing depth of  the universe.

Two brothers made the original, Cary and Michael Huang.

With version 2, Cary seems to have top billing, but Michael was still a solid part of this amazing interactive view.

It's available at

Here are some screenshots I took of this amazing project:

You really need to check this out for yourselves though, It's simply amazing and awe inspiring to be able to view things this way.

I remind you that from where you start, you can both zoom in and out.

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