Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WattOS, an excellent light weight Ubuntu derivitive

In my never ending search for a light footed variant of Ubuntu, I came across wattOS.

I decided 3 days ago to install it and give it a try. I am delighted with it. 

It's amazingly fast and nimble, and yet I was able to install all of the software I normally use and tweak it to my liking.

The premise behind wattOS is not only nimbleness, but low energy usage as well.

Here is the about info, thanks to

"wattOS is a fast desktop Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. Using the lightweight Openbox window manager as its default user interface, the distribution strives to be as energy-efficient as possible so that it can be used on low-specification and recycled computers."

The most surprising to me is the fact that there was no quirky new software or issues to deal with. There is new software, but it stayed out of my way and I had no need to mess with their operation.

Here's a screenshot of wattOS r7, and my screenshot:

If you would like a copy, you can get it at PlanetWatt, wattOS's official website.

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