Monday, February 17, 2014

Ubuntu, Linux for Chinese?

Canonical released some interesting numbers not too long ago.

In these numbers is the fact that over 1.3 million copies of Ubuntu were downloaded from China in a 6 month period of time.

The Chinese already are a large user of Ubuntu, but this is an amazing increase.

Here is the official release from Canonical:

"Its popularity has built quickly with 400,000 downloads after its first release in April 2013 and a rise to over 1,300,000 new downloads after its second release in October. That's impressive for a downloadable operating system since most consumers in China, the world’s largest PC market, as in other markets prefer to get their OS pre-installed when they buy a device", says Canonical.

Canonical continued to say, "with such strong initial growth, Ubuntu Kylin adoption is set to increase. Ubuntu already has a long standing presence in China. Canonical has been partnering for years with OEMs like Dell, HP and Lenovo to bring millions of Ubuntu pre-installed PCs to China. They are currently being sold online and across nearly 2,500 retail outlets in China".

For me personally it's a matter of pride. More and more it's becoming obvious that the open source idea has merit, and that there are huge advantages to using something like Ubuntu.

Linux in general is the operating system to watch.

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