Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tech support forum snobbery sucks

After dealing with the "higher ups" on tech help forums, I can say with a certainty that 80 % of them are controlling angry ignorant people.

There are some real "diamonds in the rough" that take the time to listen to you, and explain themselves thoroughly.

So as a person who gives his time and talents to help people on these boards, I am publishing my etiquette list for those people you know that do this.

1) Don't tell me I do not need what I am asking for, I do.

2) Do not try to convince me I am wrong, I am not wrong. (I may be confused or under-educated)

3) If you (or the company) can't or won't do what I ask, tell me that.

4) Tell me why you won't do what I want or need you to do.


6) Above all, don't side track or try to dodge the question. Come at me straight with it. Say Yes or No to my request, and then say WHY you will or won't implement/solve the issue.

Now with all that said...

To the poster of said question/suggestion/comment

Type in clear complete english.

Broken english is sometimes nigh on impossible to figure out.

I have needed Captain Comix's decoder ring to figure out some of your posts.

I also love those people who put on such simple forum posts as:


Dear Denny's Home World,

My computer doesn't work right.



Details details details! What is the make/model of the computer? (I.E. Compaq Presario CQ57)

What exactly is it not doing correctly?

What software were/are you using?

What Operating System are you using? (Linux, Windows, what version? Windows 7? Windows 8? Xubuntu?)

Above all, if it isn't clear, precise and straight forward, please re-consider posting.
(Don't angry post either please.)     :)

Thanks for your time,

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