Friday, November 9, 2012

LXMenuEditor, fast & small menu editor

Earlier I wrote about adding CLI based apps to the menu using terminator terminal emulator.

For this task I usually use Alacarte, a menu editor made for Gnome.

In my search for everything with a smaller footprint, I came across an excellent menu editor for LXDE, XFCE and Gnome.

LXMenuEditor's tar file is only 78k in size. Fully extracted and installed it is only 222 kb.

So the first thing I like about it is that it downloads in a blink of an eye.

Secondly, unlike Alacarte, it has no dependencies other than Java, which I install on all of my daily use machines anyway.

And it runs faster than Alacarte in my opinion, and is solid as a rock in the version I tested, LXMenuEditor-20120515.

And it has a fairly straight forward, simple gui interface:

Click to enlarge picture

 LXMenuEditor's official SourceForge page is here:

They have very simple and easy to follow install instructions here:

Check it out for yourself if your in the market for easy menu editing without the bloat of Alacarte!


  1. Running it means that I have to run Java Virtual Machine as well. So heavy.

    1. I agree. But I usually have Java virtual machine installed anyways, so it's worth it to me to use it.

  2. How to install it thorough Terminal because dat site has blocked Sudanese proxies ?