Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why Linux is better

I found a website that is excellent for the beginner Linux user, or for those who are curious.

The reason this website is excellent is because it takes a slow, easy big push button approach to it.

Iron clad, long time Linux geeks like me seem to scare people away from Linux with tons of jargon, and a "flame war" (a rift in the Linux community over versions of distribution and desktop environment) that has been in existence for far too long.

This website gently helps people to see why so many people are happy to be Linux users instead of Windows or Mac Os.

Here is a link to the website: Why Linux is better

I also like the "One day with Linux (a screenshot tour)!" Because it let's people see how polished, and fully functional the operating system is. (In  this case, it's Ubuntu.)

If you are trying to help someone see why Linux is a viable, excellent choice for operating system, I suggest you tell them about it, or send them the link.

I think with an approach to Linux like this one, we can start to help people to relax their fears and hopefully get them to consider Linux for their next operating system choice.

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