Wednesday, June 13, 2012

VBA 32 Rescue, a usb key/cd virus tool for Windows

I love it when Linux technology is used in unique ways. 

This is one of my favorite ways, taking Linux, and a handful of apps, and repairing Windows.

I do this all the time. Usually I use it for checking internet connections, or saving otherwise irretrievable data, such as pictures, music, videos and other documents.

VBA 32 is my favorite version of anti-virus on USB stick because it is light on both ISO size and on processor power. Using a totally non graphical, text based menu system means that VBA 32 will run on the older machines as well as the newest in tech.

Here is a screen shot. Not pretty, but very very useful!

Here is what they have to say about themselves:

"The line of products produced by VirusBlokAda is based on the antivirus engine developed by our specialists. Vba32 Personal is recommended for home users. It's a reliable and, it is crucial, quick tool to detect and neutralize computer viruses, mail worms, trojan programs and other malware (backdoors, adware, spyware, etc) in real time and on-demand at computers running Windows.

The following advanced technology is used in our antivirus program to provide reliable and effective protection of your computer against malicious programs:

Heuristic analyzer allows our products to detect unknown malicious programs and the dynamic code translation processor emulator effectively handles complex-polymorphous viruses, packers and cryptors.

MalwareScope™ , the technology of malware detection, considerably improves the efficiency of the Vba32 products.

Automatic Internet update of program modules and antivirus bases using the "delta-patch" technology which diminishes Internet traffic and update time.

Integrity control and automatic restore of damaged modules improve reliability of the Vba32 products."

*These excerpts where taken from

The other reason i like VBA so much is that they develop their software for multiple languages, making it much easier for everyone to use.

If your purpose is to clean an infected Windows machine of all viruses and other mal ware types, this is an excellent solution.

The version I like to use is VBA 32 Rescue, which is free.

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