Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Intel's new 48 CORE chip

In a news release by Intel, they mentioned having a experimental chip already running at 20 times today's current pc speeds.

It's rather impressive.

The current computer being sold right now at the big blue box is beetween 2 core's and 4.

The power generated by these multi core machines is roughly around 4 and 9 ghz (gigahertz).

The gigahert is the speed of the CPU (Central Processing Unit). Basically the cpu is the computer's brain. The section of your computer that actually computes, or "thinks" mostly mathematical equations.

To put it in context, when computers first started becoming a home appliance is the 486 to pentium 1 era, where speeds where from 8 to 300 mhz, (mhz stands for megahertz, or 1000 hertz) or more.

A gigahert is 1000 megahertz. My machine is 4.8 ghz, or 4800 megahertz.

But my machine is 3 years old. it's common place to see 9.9 ghz in a 4 core system, meaning 9900 megahertz.

This new chip is up to 20 times faster, so possibly 180 ghz or faster. (180,000 megahertz.)

What's impressive to us old timers in computer repair is that in a matter of 20 years we have quite possibly gained 22,500 times the speed of those first 286's, 386's, 486's and pentium 1's of the early and middle 90's.

Quite impressed,

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