Thursday, November 5, 2015

Transparent Aluminum, Now a Reality!

If you are a Star Trek fan, then you might recall that in the movie "Star Trek: The Voyage Home" they mention transparent aluminum. In the movie they use it to transport whales to the future.

Well that sci fi idea has become reality.

In a press release on they made it clear they have already accomplished this amazing task.

The new material, called Spinel is made of magnesium and aluminum (among other things).

It should be fairly cheap to make, because "The precursors are all earth abundant, so it's available in reasonably low cost".

It's also quite a bit lighter and thinner than bullet proof glass of today. "A "bullet-proof" window today, for example, has layers of plastic and glass perhaps five inches thick. "If you replaced that with spinel, you'd reduce the weight by a factor of two or more,""

For the whole news release, check the link out here:

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