Friday, April 10, 2015

HFS - easy to use http file server

Yesterday I was digging for a quick and easy way to share files locally.

I found it in this wonderful utility.

HFS works beautifully on windows and rather well on Linux.

Here's what the software creator, Massimo has to say about his useful software:

"You can use HFS (HTTP File Server) to send and receive files.

It's different from classic file sharing because it uses web technology to be more compatible with today's Internet.

It also differs from classic web servers because
it's very easy to use and runs "right out-of-the box".

Access your remote files, over the network.
It has been successfully tested with Wine under Linux." -

What I like about it most is, it's a single self contained executable that does not need to be installed.

In other words, it's a portable use as you need http file server. Just beautiful.

The steps for using it are very easy. 1, you choose a file or folder to share. 2, you get the local ip address. Share the address with the person you want to share the file or folder contents with, and whalla, your running a file server.

It seriously couldn't be easier.

Here's the link to download you own copy:

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