Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chalet OS - Easy Windows to Linux user migration

Chalet OS was introduced to me by a internet friend (and the author) Dejan Petrovic.

If you read this blog, you know that I am a huge fan of XFCE, and an even bigger fan of Xubuntu's implementation of it.

Chalet OS takes the ease of use of Xubuntu, and it's low resource foothold, and gives it the familiar feel of Windows operating systems. It has the feel of Windows 7.

It will feel comfortable to most Windows users. This is the intention of ChaletOS, to feel like home to migrating Windows users.

This is what the author has to say about his Linux distribution:

"We all know someone who tried to switch to Linux but was unsuccessful. The system that he tried was too different from what he was used to, there were too many new things and the old things were not where he expected. The goal of this project is to let anyone get used to Linux.

    This system is not too different from Xubuntu, on which it is based, but ChaletOS has a style that everyone knows well, appealing simplicity and an impressive speed. All this will let them to fall in love with this system quickly. Because of its small hardware requirements it will revive some old machines and refresh others, not so old.

    The name ChaletOS came from the style of the mountain houses in Switzerland. The concept of these houses is similar to the concept that we had while we made this system: simplicity, beauty and recognizability. Since we want the new users to feel at home, we hope this project will meet this goal." -

Here are some screenshots of the OS, thanks to

These are the "vanilla" or untouched, fresh install screenshots. There are more available here:

The community has done a lot with ChaletOS, as you can see on the page listed above.

If you would be interested in trying this OS out for yourself, the official website is

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