Friday, January 23, 2015

SalentOS - easy on hardware and the eyes

"The first operating system completely inspired by the Salento, land molded by the sea and wind, steeped in history and art in the south of the Italian peninsula. SalentOS is available for 32 bit machines with PAE and standard kernel (same ISO), in two version with two different Desktops." -

*They also have 64 bit versions, and even lighter versions available in the download page.

I first found SalentOS thanks to Distrowatch's "Based on Ubuntu list".

I was looking for something very light on it's feet. I wanted a very slim, gentle on resources, yet Ubuntu powered OS.

I found these qualities in SalentOS.

What's remarkable about SalentOS is, that even though it is very light resource use wise, they still manage to create a very beautiful to look at desktop.

"SalentOS is a complete open source project, free from commercial constraints, carried out with passion and dedication." -
Here's a video that gives you a glimpse into this unique Linux distro: (It's in Italian)

And here is a screenshot of the OS's desktop configuration:

To download SalentOS, go here:

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