Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WattOS switches to Debian

The newest version of WattOS, R8, will be built on Debian.

Not a huge issue, considering it was an Ubuntu derivative right up to R7, and Ubuntu is inherently Debian at its core.

The reason quoted is a hopefully more stable environment.

Here is the press release, thanks to PlanetWatt:

"The wattOS team is pleased to announce the release of the new version of wattOS - Release 8 - (also known as R8). After 5 years being an Ubuntu based distro, we have made the change to Debian. Specifically Debian Wheezy as the base, with some backports thrown in (for example a newer Kernel), and in a couple of small places a little Jessie where warranted. But for the most part, its Debian Wheezy as a base to build from."

While I personally have nothing against using Debian, I wholly disagree with the belief that somehow Ubuntu is becoming unstable.

Ubuntu in my opinion is  not the desktop environment, but the rest of the operating system.

Ubuntu server, for instance, is very very stable. More stable in fact (in my opinion) than Debian Wheezy, the version being used in WattOS R8.

I do agree though that Canonical has spent more time bringing their new desktop environment Unity to fruition than working out the kinks.

I personally have seen Ubuntu be more stable and solid as of 14.04.

I use Xubuntu, and it has been a rock of an operating system for me since 14.04's release.

If you are a fan of WattOS, check out the new version and decide for yourself.

I am by no means infallible.

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