Thursday, February 17, 2011

OSDisc may I have some more?

OSDisc is a website that sells you free operating systems...

That's right, they sell you FREE operating systems, but their is a purpose.

OSDisc is perfect for those of us who have limited bandwidth, or are still stuck on super slow dial up.

I personally have purchased about 20 os's from them in my time.

I have 3 on the way, right now.

If you are like me, give OSDisc a try:


  1. Can OsDisc's Live CD's be installed on a hard drive that's been wiped clean?

  2. Can OsDisc's Live CD's be installed on a hard drive that's been wiped clean?

  3. Yes. The major versions of Linux, i.e. Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Open Suse, Fedora, PCLinuxOS all have hard drive software ready for use. I would say 99% of the operating systems offered by OsDisc can and will set themselves up on a wiped hard drive.

  4. Denny

    They do not sell the linux operating systems. You pay for their time and materials to have the free linux OS put on the disc. It is for those who either do not have time or knowledge to do it themselves or don't care to assemble them.

    1. You're right, thanks for clarifying that. I was trying to get across the point that, even though you can get these operating systems for free, places like has a valuable purpose.

      But still, you where correct in stating that they sell the electricity, worker time, shipping costs and media costs that are involved in burning an OS to disc.

  5. Hi Denny,

    Unfortunately, my experience with so far hasn't been a good one. And I've only bought one item!

    I bought a Debian USB Flash Drive from them and I could not get my computer to boot into the live OS. Checking the files inside the flash drive prompted me with this note: "The disk in drive D is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?"

    I have tried to contact them since 18 January and so far, no reply. Searching online, I came across a similar problem from another user here:

    After reading that, I've lost all hope of trying to get in touch with them. Someone suggested returning the item. But I don't trust them enough to return my flash drive only to either not receive my refund or an exchange.

    I'm tempted to file a scam report such as Ripoff Report or something like that, but I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do.

    I will wait and see but I wouldn't recommend them.